About Magnificence

A wedding is a blessed time, when two families come together to build a future for two souls. A Time when the bride and the groom shine in all their glory and dream of a future they’re going to build together. We at Magnificence add magic to these moments by creating curated gift solutions that are unparalleled. Each wedding is unique, every dream is special and our objective is to realize those dreams into a reality.

Founded by Shalini Beriwal in the year 2002, Magnificence is a turn key service that offers distinctive ideas for trousseaus, baby announcements and showers, hospital favours, custom designed gifts, gift packing, gourmet gifting, home interiors, home décor and more. Ms. Beriwal created a niche industry to make a bridge between what was available in the market and what patrons envisioned for their weddings and over the last 15 years she has developed a service chain that brings the heart and soul of India into every piece created by Magnificence. In one sense, she created this industry. Being a first mover in this sector, she brought together artisans from across the country to produce and source handlooms, handicrafts and embellishments that made some of the finest celebratory gifting solutions for the leading families of the nation. Her efforts resulted in a revival of Indian arts and crafts and created employment for Indian artisans that brought forth change and progress for grass root town and villages of India. A movement that transformed menial labour into craftsman, empowered women and in turn empowered entire regions of the nation. Reviving Indian crafts and indigenous arts has always been at the core of Magnificence’s philosophy, and their network of 600-plus artisans is a testimony to this endeavour. Even today, Magnificence designs and creates every box, basket, curio and experience and the only imports they indulge in are flowers that can’t be cultivated in the country. Each wedding makes a connection between the east and west, an amalgamation of these two worlds, to innovate and push the boundaries of design and also make the arts more up to the mark for the global market, each one with a new look, each one more sustainable. Magnificence introduces global trends into the gifting market by binding them with ethnic design sensibilities, so that each creation is world class and yet very traditional.

Over the last decade, Magnificence has added a sense of newness to the concept of gifting by bringing forth new materials, from handcrafted leather to semi- precious stones, mirror work and carved wood to develop highly customized gifts for every celebration they’re associated with. The foundation of any extravagant packaging is the unique use of materials. White marble signifies purity and makes for an ethereal look. Silver patra work guarantees a rich, elegant effect while using natural materials like wood in unusual combinations creates added interest. In fact, Magnificence’s most lauded and popular collection is one that exemplifies the beauty of silver patra work. A Rajasthani art, pure silver sheets are carefully hand beaten into a precise form, and then moulded over underlying hand-carved wooden pieces. Considering they are meticulously handcrafted, these pieces are synonymous with luxury and royalty

After over 15 years in the niche industry where there was only an idea and imagination to depend on, Magnificence now welcomes the second generation into the foray and they aspire to take Magnificence pan India. As leaders in professional gifting and gifting solutions, they have expanded their team of designers to bring a fresh perspective to design and development. With an in-house research and development team, Magnificence is not just a design house, but an experiential service, where every wedding they associate with is an occasion that remains in the memory of the patrons for years to come. Their inspiration is India and every resource they use is Indian, Magnificence, today, is a place where they not just source but where they create!

When a wedding is a Magnificence Wedding, every occasion is unforgettable, from the Milni to the Mehndi till the Reception, there is a nuance to every step. There is a Magnificence stamp in everything the guests experience and every party favour they receive, from the invite to the gifts shared between the two families. Every trousseau is a keepsake because every bride is special and her memories are paramount. Over the years, Magnificence has serviced some of the leading families of the country, from industrialists to film stars and each patron has referred them further with the confidence that every deliverable from Magnificence will be spectacular.

The richness of Indian culture has been an enduring inspiration. The core mission at Magnificence has always been the artisans that create for them, where mere vocational work has gone on to become an industry with arts and crafts of India are at the forefront. It has been this mission that made leading international décor brands reach out for support on domestic shores. Magnificence has designed and created pieces in stone, leather and wood for Lladro and Rosenthal to name a few and are in talks with many more. These relationships have come forth from the core business of gifting which remains the mainstay of the House of Magnificence.