About Magnificence

Magnificence By Shalini Beriwal. A 17-year-old design house, into Gifting, Gifting solutions and Home accessorizing. We create a tangible form of your expressions of Love, Joy and belongingness with your loved ones.

We look to create a sustainable and responsible path for the well being of artisan, without compromising on designs, quality and their livelihoods.

Magnificence is for people, who care and are responsible for the society, whose celebrations gives light to many homes, food to many mouths. Every creation from Magnificence speaks of the emotions and passion of its creator.

Taking up an indigenous art or craft and then working to contemporise it and make the art more market friendly, with Magnificence, Indian handicrafts are getting a new dimension.

Magnificence, is sensitive to families, artisan creative needs and women up-liftment and employs a major section of their workforce through young adults and the old who might otherwise be side-lined to menial tasks, providing them with a safe atmosphere with safe and joyful working condition, work from home options etc and now furthering this form of skill development at all levels with partnering with NGO and schools.

India is a nation of arts, colours and culture, Magnificence is steeped in this rich heritage. We consider each creation to be a poem and it’s creators poets, who form the poetry that enriches our lives, our homes and our celebrations.